Iranian Accounting Standards

International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS

consolidated accounting software provides a context for mechanized preparation of consolidated financial statements in companies and organizations. This software is generated on the basis of the special needs of consolidation including Simplification of the process of preparing consolidated finance statements and studying the process of manual preparation of consolidated finance statements, regulations, standards and holding needs

Benefits and advantages

-Timely provision of reliable financial statements

-Preparing consolidated finance statements in accordance with accounting standards of Iran and international finance reporting standards (IFRS)

-Facilitating the calculation of goodwill, groups’ property percentage, minority share and … in investment complicated structures

-collecting data from secondary companies mechanized and timely

-accelerating the preparation of consolidated finance statements by mechanized data collection

-keeping consolidated finance statements records

-responding to the legal requirements within the stipulated time

Inter-group data collection; quickly, easily and with high accuracy

 In the consolidated finance statement preparation software, collecting inter-group data and transferring them to the main, middle and secondary corporate office is performing on internet and it decreases the time of working process

Automatic Reconciliation; with defining the common Language between companies

The software matches the collected data from companies of groups and their reconciliation automatically, considering the definition of common language for any exchange and in the shortest time possible

Preparing Consolidated finance statement with the assurance of the validity of data; in the shortest time possible and easily

The collected finance statements are integrated by the software Once for the first time and in the next times only the changed headlines will be mapped

Responding to the auditors for proving consolidated computations

Demonstrable reports by the software includes the inter-group exchanges reports and accounts between them and services, Goodwill, minority percentage and minority share of the equity, the depreciation of the fair value surplus and extracted surpluses

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